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Personal concierge services are no longer the domain of the rich and famous.   Time is our most precious commodity.  So many of us are extremely busy, overworked, and overwhelmed with to-dos, but with the services of Hey Presto! you really can do it all. 


Our services are available to anyone who needs support for a busy lifestyle or work day. Working parents, busy families, small business owners, busy professionals, new parents.  Our services are flexible so that you can use them several times a week or just at your busiest times of year. 

We serve San Jose and adjacent communities in the South Bay in Northern California.

Meet your Champion

Portraits by Heartbox Photography. Copyr

Sarah Moore



With 13 years of international event management experience, detailed projects and getting things organized are what Sarah lives for.

She has lived and worked in multiple countries across Europe, Asia Pacific and the US, and has planned and executed revenue-generating events in over 20 cities around the globe, from 10 person meetings to 500+ conferences, trade shows, award shows & festivals. 

Born and raised in the UK, she left in 2001 to see and experience more of the world. Today, having lived on 3 different continents and now with a family of her own, she understands the pressures of a busy professional life, juggling that with family life, and recognizes the opportunity to use her skills in helping others strike a better work-life balance.

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